Sometimes I Play with Gouache

Most of my illustrations are done in an odd way. I sketch in pencil and then cover the drawing with a sheet of of rubylith, cut away the “white” parts, scan it, and clean it up in digital form. But sometimes I just want to paint, so I play with gouache. Such a lovely word to say: you pronounce it g-wash! I love it so much that I wrote a poem in praise of gouache:

Gouache, Gouache
Oh gee, oh gosh
From the moment that I wake
It makes my poor heart ache
For it takes the cake
And it’s quite opaque

Gouache, Gouache
I say “pish posh”
To watercolor blush
Which makes some people gush
But does not give me the rush
That gouache does on my brush


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One Response to “Sometimes I Play with Gouache”

  1. Dancin' Dave Says:

    I used to cut rubylith professionally but I never had as much fun with it as you do! And I’ve got some old tubes of gouache that I’ve never used. You may have inspired me to experiment with them!

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