Huge Hovels: Wonders of the Wide Angle Lens


Not so fancy



Wide Angle Lens
a poem by anonymous (realtor)

Wide angle lens
I’m glad we’re friends
You make a room look bitchin’
Wide angle lens
You work on dens
Not to mention kitchens

Wide angle view
Hooray! Woo hoo!
A realtor’s delight
Wide angle view
You’re known to skew
Width and depth and height

Wide angle shot
Is just a plot
Oh, let’s not call it lying
Wide angle shot
Makes listings hot
So folks consider buying

Wide angle pic
Although real slick
And one could say misleading
Wide angle pic
Is just a trick
Of that I am conceding

Wide angle frame
I’ll take the blame
When clients end up cursing
For wide angle frame
Is rather lame
And does not work in person


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One Response to “Huge Hovels: Wonders of the Wide Angle Lens”

  1. M. D. Vaden Says:

    Not a shabby poem.

    Surprised that I haven’t come across it before on real estate pages related to wide angle lenses.


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