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Another Gouache Gal

February 26, 2008


Experiments with gouache continue. Anyone who wants to share a gouache link, please add a comment. I can’t find much in the way of step-by-steps and tutorials, except for this one showcasing rocks and many more that use transparent watercolors to render things like raindrops on roses. I am picking up how to mix a better consistency of paint (“like cream” is one description I read). This artwork was done last night on cold press watercolor paper; her complexion would improve on hot press! If you love gouache as much as I do, here are some links to my two favorite gouache artists:

MARY BLAIR: There are many example on the ASIFA Hollywood Animation Archive, which is a fabulous resource. Most people know about her work at Disney, but I am especially fond of her illustrations for The Golden Books. Examples can be found here, here, here, here, and here.

TIM BISKUP: Modern master with an uncontrollable imagination. See his website. Also this nice profile. He is so damn prolific!


When Life Gives You Dolphins…

February 21, 2008


…make some crazy-ass art that simultaneously enlightens the masses and causes strangers’ eyes to bleed. If you’re a fan of unicorns, angels, and retinal overstimulation, then you must check out the endless wonders that are to be found at the Artainment Links Page. Brought to you by Da Vid (why do I suspect that his given name was something like David Finkelstein?) and The Light Party (which miraculously synthesizes the Republican, Democatic, Libertarian, and Green Parties—just try that, Michael Bloomberg!) this page offers a rich resource for those who can’t get enough of sparkly goddess art, soft-core mysticism, and queasy surrealism. And did I mention dolphins? More dolphins? Tons of dolphins? Dolphins with wings? And if you act in the now, you can order your very own celestial soul portrait. (By the way, mandalas are pretty. And Alex Gray is a genius and in an entirely different category.)

[Credit: Dolphins with wings from, who just might send some rabid dolphins to tear me limb from limb!]

The Naked Cowboy’s Mom Loves Hummels

February 14, 2008


One day I was listening to my favorite collecting podcast, Keep Antiquing. The jovial host, Frank Farmer Loomis, was attempting to give a caller some advice about Hummels. She seemed disappointed that she was not likely to be rolling in dough if she sold her little molded munchkins. Imagine my surprise and delight when she said that she would just have to rely on her son…THE NAKED COWBOY! The Naked Cowboy’s mom was on the phone, yakking it up about her infamous offspring and his skimpy wardrobe! Of course I knew that the Naked Cowboy had family somewhere out there in the U.S.A. but I didn’t expect this oddly mundane audio encounter with his proud mom. What a serendipitous moment. I just had to share this telling glimpse into the life of Robert John Burck. Listen to it here.

In other Naked Cowboy news: He is suing a naked M&M.

Meet my friend, Muffgirl!

February 13, 2008


She’s really very nice. Not scary at all! She’s on MySpace, like most everyone else, except for those people who constantly update you on what they had for breakfast via Facebook, or the ones who are wondering where everyone went on Friendster. She has a theme song! And who is that singing? Ummm…guess! I am exclamation point crazy today! I think it’s because the WGA Strike is over!!!
Go here now to meet her:

Small Statues of Boynton Beach: Part One

February 10, 2008

Every winter I visit Boynton Beach, Florida. It is a world of gated communities packed with Long Island transplants and enormous chain drugstores at every intersection.  These secure and sanitized neighborhoods are not unlike the fictitious “Del Boca Vista” of Seinfeld fame. Here is a list of real community names. You can make up your own for fun, if you need a distraction, like if you’re trapped in a hermetically-sealed home with advance climate control and you can’t sleep and you’re afraid to open the window because you might set off an alarm, or you’re afraid to go outside for a walk because you might set off an alarm, and your flight back to NYC is cancelled because of a Nor’easter and you’re going out of your mind staring at a purple beanie baby in a Lucite box…this is just an example, of course. My favorite fake name is “Aisle Isles”, which sums up the aesthetic juxtaposition of abundant Costcos and faux European entrance ways with spritzing over-sized fountains. Anyway, “the communities” have many rules that restrict what you can do to your home, regarding approved paint colors and authorized shingles, so basically you should not drink to excess or you will possibly mistake your neighbor’s house for your own and attempt to enter and set off those ever-present alarms before you even get a chance to kiss someone else’s spouse (by mistake). So how do the residents of these communities express their creativity under such constraints? They battle imposed conformity and a somewhat fascistic sense of color coordination with their choice of small statues, of course. It seems there are no rules when it comes to that! So go crazy with your froggies and angels, retirees!