When Life Gives You Dolphins…


…make some crazy-ass art that simultaneously enlightens the masses and causes strangers’ eyes to bleed. If you’re a fan of unicorns, angels, and retinal overstimulation, then you must check out the endless wonders that are to be found at the Artainment Links Page. Brought to you by Da Vid (why do I suspect that his given name was something like David Finkelstein?) and The Light Party (which miraculously synthesizes the Republican, Democatic, Libertarian, and Green Parties—just try that, Michael Bloomberg!) this page offers a rich resource for those who can’t get enough of sparkly goddess art, soft-core mysticism, and queasy surrealism. And did I mention dolphins? More dolphins? Tons of dolphins? Dolphins with wings? And if you act in the now, you can order your very own celestial soul portrait. (By the way, mandalas are pretty. And Alex Gray is a genius and in an entirely different category.)

[Credit: Dolphins with wings from www.jeanlucbozzoli.com, who just might send some rabid dolphins to tear me limb from limb!]


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