Small Statues of Boynton Beach: Part Two

I have returned from Florida and it’s time for an update on the small statues of Boynton Beach. You may remember Part One. Well, it’s confirmed: individuality and a sense of rebellion as fierce as a slight breeze continue to be expressed through the purchase of lilliputian statuettes. The newest trends? Frog, frogs, frogs! Now more than ever. Also, a rising intellectual tide lifts all lawn ornaments: angels and the aforementioned amphibians seem to be doing more reading these days. You may ask, “Won’t you run out of small statues? Can I really look forward to Parts Three, Four, and beyond?” Yes, my friends, there are still many sections of this as-yet-unidentified gated community to explore (all of them named after brands of upscale china).  And perhaps someday I will gain access to another nearly identical active senior community and document scrappy poured concrete animals in overalls and pint-sized kids with curls of mock-stone that we can only imagine in our most mundane dreams! PS: The other highlight of the trip was a visit to the nearby water reclamation project/nature preserve where we learned all about the stunningly complex and inspiring local ecosystem that has been enthusiastically obliterated due to a pressing need for golf courses and big box stores. The faux froggies weep.


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