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Gouache Gal Gallery Grows

April 24, 2008

Funny how my gouache gals wear dresses and heels, which I rarely do.

I did a frantic race up and down the aisles of New York Comicon last Sunday and my favorite finds of the day were gouache-related.

Somehow I’ve never come across Animus, a beautifully produced pop-up book with images by Seonna Hong. Lovely and haunting, this little gem was published by Baby Tattoo, an innovative independent publisher.

I also bought another Baby Tattoo volume, Popping Through Pictures, a board book collection of illustrations by Amanda Visell. Interview with Amanda here. It’s interesting to find out that unlike Seonna Hong, Tim Biskup, Lynne Naylor and other animation/fine art types, Amanda tried to break into animation but never really succeeded. Seems she is doing just fine selling her paintings, sculptures, lunch boxes, toys, and other delightful offerings.

A tip of the cartoon hat to acrylic paint and other non-gouache art supplies. I’m not sure that all of this artwork is done with gouache but it does have the simple, retro 50s, flat, UPA-inspired, muted palette look that I love!