Let’s Go Learning! (I’m teaching at MOCCA)

Come take my course and meet me in person!

6 sessions
TUESDAYS June 22 & 29; July 13, 20, 27; August 3
6:30-9:00 pm
$385 tuition | $360 for MoCCA members

When it comes to cartoons, anything can happen! Yet, although animation is unbound by reality or gravity, successful cartoon writing is grounded in classic storytelling skills, thoughtful character development, and clever dialogue. This class is an opportunity to explore the particular challenges and rewards of writing for animation. Screenings, lectures, in-class exercises, and enjoyable home assignments demystify the process. If you have already created animated characters or are in the process of developing your own show (anything from a single webtoon to a full-fledged series) you will be encouraged to incorporate your existing project into the course work—and receive valuable feedback from the instructor as well as your fellow students! Newbies are welcome, too. Just bring your imagination. [Note: while this course will focus on TV animation, shortform and feature length animation will be discussed, as well.]

ANNE D. BERNSTEIN is an animation writer and story editor whose credits include Daria, MTV Downtown, Private Eye Princess, Hey Monie!, Backyardigans, Tutenstein, Viva Pinata, Angelo Rules and Monster High. She served as Head Writer for MTV Animation Development for three years. Before that she was Senior Editor and Comic Book Editor at Nickelodeon Magazine.


Press Contact:
Ellen Abramowitz


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